When The Deal Goes Down Song By Song

1) When The Deal Goes Down
I thought it might be helpful to God if I told him (or her) what I wanted from him (or her). God answered with a lightning bolt that just missed my head. What a kidder!

2) Little Bird (What I Do)
Written in the shadow of Mt. Chocorua in Tamworth, New Hampshire. The mountain was so impressed, it has maintained a stunned and reverent silence ever since. The song is a statement of purpose.

3) Servant, Job
The story of Job starts out with a casual conversation between God and Satan that leads to a good natured wager: Can Satan get Job to curse God’s name. Written with my friend, John Hadley.

4) Soldier Of Misfortune
Soldiers returning from an unpopular war. Or a writer creating songs no one cares to hear. Written in 1975.

5) Something In Blue
This one was written by two friends from Down Under, Bill Jackson and Ross Jackson. Bill is a brilliant performer who plays with the multi-talented instrumentalist, Pete Fidler. Also with his extraordinary wife, Ruthy. Aussies are very direct sorts and this song has a plainness of language that gives it a kind of spaghetti western majesty. Once Upon A Time In Australia.

6) Scarecrow Man
There are any number of things in life that can do us in but what really terrorizes us are the demons we create in our own minds. They don’t disappear until we breathe our last breath. This was originally a cha cha.

7) Why So Blue?
This is one of the first songs Gwil Owen and I wrote together. Could have been penned in the Roaring Twenties.

8) Mister Stay At Home – Also written with Hadley. Jug band feel with some Mills Brothers thrown in. Grumpy old guy decides to go to town and have some fun. Hey, wait a minute… I resemble that remark.

9) Roll This Stone
Sisyphus of Greek myth becomes a crazed depression era Indiana farmer whose only friend is his trustworthy mule.

10) No Trace
Another Hadley co-write. I pictured it in Africa, but it could also apply to West Virginia. Or anywhere in North or South America. Or the land of Canaan. Or the planet Earth. You get the idea.

11) Sad Saturday Night
John Hadley and I wrote this with Dutch songwriter and performer, Ad Vanderveen. Guitar and tuba and vocal. What a combo!

12) Big Blue Hole
Where do you go when you die? Big Blue Hole sounds pretty good to me.

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