SiriusXM Outlaw Country – David Olney on Alamo Jones Show

David Olney visits with Alamo Jones The Voice in Black on the The Alamo Jones Show on SiriusXM Radio‘s SiriusXM Outlaw Country Channel 60 on SATURDAY, July 15 and  again on SUNDAY, JULY 16! It’s a great four-hour show, with David Olney sitting in on the 4th hour for some conversation, a live performance and listening to songs from his new “Don’t Try To Fight It” record. Alamo Jones – a/k/a “The Voice in Black” – worked cue cards for The Johnny Cash Show and toured the world with the “Man in Black” before launching his own recording career and serving as a trusty sidekick for the legendary Cowboy Jack Clement at the Cowboy Arms Hotel And Recording Spa.

#DontTryToFightIt #YouNeverKnow #WhenTheDealGoesDown

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