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Body Of Evidence (Box Set)


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“Body Of Evidence”
Deadbeet Records 2012

This is not a fair world we live in. Deceit, chicanery and backstabbing are as present as beauty and grace. But beauty and grace do exist along with bravery and honesty that makes life worth living. That’s what I believe. I hope these stories in song convey that belief.
Peace – David Olney

Produced by Jack Irwin.

Three CD Box Set comprised of:

David Olney presents Film Noir
1. Frank Is Gone
2. Blue Moon Hotel
3. $20 Serenade
4. The Blues Don’t Care
5. Sunset On Sunset Boulevard

The Stone
1. Jerusalem Tomorrow
2. Brays
3. Brains
4. Flesh and Blood
5. Barabbas
6. A Soldier’s Report

Robbery & Murder
1. Go Down Dupree
2. Another Place, Another Time
3. The Banks of the River (Interlude 1)
4. Betty And Dupree
5. My Family Owns This Town
6. The Banks of the River (Interlude 2)
7. Gold Diamond Ring
8. The Banks of the River

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