Talk About David Olney’s “THE STONE”:

“[David Olney’s] ‘The Stone’ is FEARLESS and DAMN NEAR BRILLIANT; it gets better with each listen.” ~ Music News Nashville

“If FILM NOIR established Olney’s affinities with, say, Tom Waits, his new EP The STONE ought to put Olney up there with Bob Frank or Dylan: When Olney essays the anti-sedition Jesus-blues-rock of the new record’s ‘Brains,’ he’s talking about the modern world. This is how a literate, blues-loving Nashville songwriter with a philosophical bent interprets the last couple of millennia.”        ~ The Nashville Scene (click to read more)

“These sparsely arranged compositions allow the listener to focus on the real meat…Olney’s superb melodies and smart narratives. In a world full of copycats, Olney continues to provide solid classic music that is real…” ~ babysue.com

“Never in my life have I heard a more moving, ferocious, mystical, mesmerizing, brutal and tender telling of the Easter story.” ~ Denice Hicks, Artistic Director-The Nashville Shakespeare Festival

“…the songs are not outside the realm of possibilities when stacked up against biblical records and Olney’s imagination brings a powerful human element into the 2,000-year-old story. It takes a huge talent to pull off such a project, and Olney pulls it off very well.” ~ Music Is Good

“Glad to hear David still isn’t shying away from touchy subjects! ”       ~ Trish Lewis, “Eclectic Chair” WUCX-Radio/Bay City, MI

“Been listening to ‘The Stone’. GREAT. I dig these ep’s you’re doing. Like chapters in a grand Tolstoy deal.”       ~ Tom Russell

More on “David Olney Presents: FILM NOIR”:

“Along with Tom Russell and James McMurtry, David Olney is one of the greatest American story tellers working today.” ~  27 Leggies (click to read more)

“Separating the Wheat from the Chaff” ~ Songs Illinois (click to read more)

Good Reading:

“[Olney’s] performance is exuberant and his songs and presence always fill
the entire room.” ~ Urban Country News (3/9/12)

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“A subtle new entry into the Great American/Americana Songbook.” – Dutchman’s Curve: Blogcritics.com

“It’s the songs that count.” – Dutchman’s Curve: Popdose.com

“Writing from the point of view of historical characters has become one of Mr. Olney’s most distinguishing talents, whether he’s singing from the mind of a donkey that carried Jesus or imagining Jesse James’s last bragging words before being shot by Robert Ford…But he stresses: ‘Anyone who sits down to write a heavy song is a jerk. It’s more like paleontology, when you find a bone of a song sticking up and do everything you can to get the rest of it out without breaking it.'” – The New York Times

“Olney Unbound… part Baptist PREACHER, part caustic COMEDIAN, and part existential BLUESMAN…Olney shouted, moaned and howled his SHARPLY OBSERVED HARD-LUCK TALES and quirky character studies. Webb, who looks like he stepped out of a CLINT EASTWOOD spaghetti western, provided A DIZZYING ARRAY of textures, employing unconventional techniques.” – MTV’s Urge.com


“As the title track notes, it’s not just one tough town, but a tough planet. I saw Olney playing at a festival this spring and thought he looked like a FEDORA-SPORTING, fiftysomething HIGH-SCHOOL PRINCIPAL who’d SUDDENLY GONE BERSERK and was using his acoustic guitar like it was a weapon. Love this crazy guy, LOVE THIS RECORD.” – Rochester (NY) Democrat & Chronicle

“Few are capable of spinning such colorful and multi-layered yarns with so little excess fat….Olney spans the gamut from OBSTREPEROUS GLEE to NAKED TERROR. He hits the mark consistently throughout.” – American Songwriter Magazine

“Previously, with his gruff voice and GUTBUCKET ARRANGEMENTS, Olney has recalled the later Tom Waits; on One Tough Town, that comparison remains valid, although one also should mention Leon Redbone as a model. In his songwriting, OLNEY CONTINUES TO DELIGHT in imaginative explorations of historical and invented characters and situations.” – AllMusic.com

“[David] Olney and a cast of veteran Nashville session-aces that included Dave Roe on upright bass and Sergio Webb on lead guitar delivered smokin’ hot roots blues that set an already steaming capacity crowd on fire. Indeed, this was PURE SNAKE-HANDLIN’ SHAKE THE DEVIL FROM YOUR SOULD ROCK ‘N’ ROLL and Olney had the crowd…hypnotized. To be sure, when watching Olney’s UBER-COOL LIVE SHOW, one can’t help but feel sorry for the Rolling Stones.” RIYL: Ralph Stanley, JJ Cale, Eric Clapton. – Vincent Wynne, Listen!Nashville.com review of 6/15 show

“One Tough Town shows Olney at his lightest. As usual, though, darkness runs through much of the Nashvillian’s work, from the BLUESY RAWNESS of ‘Sweet Poison’ to the biblical gravity of the GOSPEL-FLAVORED ‘See How the Mighty Have Fallen.’ And his version of Townes Van Zandt’s ‘Snake Song’ positively DRIPS WITH MENACE. He has written some audacious, in-character songs over his distinguished four-decade career, but David Olney has perhaps outdone himself with ‘Who’s the Dummy Now?'” – The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Olney delightfully straddles the white picket fence of SOUTHERN REFRIED HONKY-TONK (with a fat-fingered touch of oompah band) and at-the-crossroads delta blues, crafting neat, to-the-point country-folk tunes.” – Hartford (CT) Courant

“Anyone interested in the true art of songwriting has an incomplete view without awareness of David Olney’s work. His songs rivet you even as they startle and amaze, illuminating and enriching one’s life.” – Sing Out! Magazine

“David Olney consistently spins spectacular stories in song. David Olney is astounding … gave one of the most magnificent solo acoustic shows I have seen and that includes concerts by Bruce Springsteen, Guy Clark or anyone else you’d care to name. He can break your heart but he can also chill your spine … and when the night ended … we had long since crossed the border that separates the great from the merely very good, the masters from the worthy apprentices. David Olney is as good as it gets. Period.” – Fort Worth Star Telegram

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