New Music Seminar & Folk Alliance International @ The Living Room in New York City on Monday, June 18, 2012

New Music Seminar and Folk Alliance International Present legendary songwriter David OLNEY with multi-instrumentalist Sergio WEBB as well as Eric Brace and Peter Cooper, Ana Egge, John Fullbright, Ali Isabella, Garland Jeffreys, John Flynn, Mare Winningham, Sam Doores, Nels Andrews and Ariana Gillis on Monday, June 18th @ The Living Room, located at 154 Ludlow St., New York, NY.

The New Music Seminar is the meeting place for visionaries, upstarts, and disruptors – those who are building a new music industry. These architects of a sustainable music business provide digital solutions to help labels and artists create, expose and monetize in new and innovative ways. Companies like Pandora, Spotify, SoundExchange, Apple, Google/YouTube, Facebook, ReverbNation, iHeartRadio, Sirius/XM, TopSpin, Big Champagne and many more are changing the music landscape in radical new ways. The music business resurrection begins at the New Music Seminar.

Folk Alliance International exists to foster and promote traditional, contemporary, and multicultural folk music and dance and related performing arts. The Folk Alliance seeks to strengthen and advance organizational and individual initiatives in folk music and dance through education, networking, advocacy, and professional and field development.

2012 Folk Alliance New Music Seminar Showcases @ The Living Room

Monday, June 18
06:00pm Bandzoogle Website Workshop
07:00pm Ali Isabella (Bronxville, NY)
07:30pm John Flynn (Brandywine, DE)
08:00pm Sam Doores (New Orleans, LA)
08:30pm Nels Andrews (Brooklyn, NY)
09:00pm Ariana Gillis (Vineland, ON Canada)
09:30pm Eric Brace & Peter Cooper (Nashville, TN)
10:00pm Mare Winningham (Los Angeles, CA)
10:30pm DAVID OLNEY & SERGIO WEBB (Nashville, TN)
11:00pm Ana Egge (Brooklyn, NY)
11:30pm John Fullbright (Oklahoma City, OK)
12:00am Garland Jeffreys (New York City, NY)

Videos, music, photos and more fun here:
New Music Seminar
Folk Alliance International
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