“David Olney is one of the many Americana troubadours who tours [The Netherlands] with great regularity, but as lyricist, is touted a lot higher than many of his colleagues. The man from Nashville has made thirty albums, both raw rockers and melodic ballads in his repertoire…Olney emits a cross-section of his vast repertoire on ‘Holiday In Holland’…And there are real gems in this collection.”  – King Elmo, review via

Having toured Europe regularly for the better part of this Century, David Olney has built quite a following across the pond. The “Holiday In Holland” DVD + full-length Audio CD is a first for David. The DVD includes live concert and interview footage along with acoustic outtakes from David Olney’s European tour in December 2013. Capturing the stories of growing up in New England and North Carolina, coming of musical age in Nashville, ruminating on what the future holds for the sexagenarian and more inspiring fodder.

Preview the DVD here and buy here.


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