“Don’t Try To Fight It” OUT TODAY!

LIVE FIGHT ON THE RADIO Friday, 3/31 & Saturday 4/1
We’re marching in to April with the NEW “Don’t Try To Fight It” album OUT TODAY! How about this early reaction:

Don't Try To Fight It album cover

“Sometimes an artist writes and records a song that just flat out lets
 everyone know that they are the coolest MFer in the room. The title track on the upcoming David Olney record produced by Brock Zeman throws down this particular gauntlet so hard it just cracked the floorboard of my car.”  (The Broken Jukebox, Adam Dawson)

The Alternate Root Top Ten Songs of the Week on Saturday, March 25, 2017 – highlights the first song from the album “If They Ever Let Me Out”

LISTEN LIVE: Fri., March 31 – 12/Noon-2:00 pm (Central Time) – ACME Radio – Full two-hour live performance & CD spins w/ Host Tim Hibbs on The Vinyl Lunch. If you’re in #Nashville, come on down to Acme Feed & Seed and see it live through the “bubble” in the front window.

LISTEN LIVE: Fri., March 31 – 4:00-5:00 pm (Central Time) – WMOT-FM / Roots Radio – Live performance & CD spins w/ Host Jessie Scott on Yeehaw

LISTEN LIVE: Sat., April 1 – 1:00-2:00 pm (Central Time) – WXNA-FM – Live performance & CD spins w/ Gina Frary Bacon on Nashville U

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