Passionate About Donkeys & The Burdens Bared

Many songwriters draw inspiration from the Bible, but only one has re-told the Passion story in a modern-day voice from the perspectives of others who may have been there over 2,000 years ago — all without ever mentioning specific religions or even Jesus Christ.

“I’ve just discovered you, from Emmylou Harris’s version of Jerusalem Tomorrow.  I’m in the UK. Is It possible to order ‘The Stone’ as a download?”  – JR, a new fan, Feb. 2016

You can hear more about the evolving soul of man (and “Brays”) in David Olney’s “The Stone” (Deadbeet Records, 2012) here.

Once again, David will be performing “The Stone” along with other indelible philosophical and melodic songs on PALM SUNDAY – March 20, 2016 – in Urbana, IL. He will share this story during the 10:45 am morning service, as well as a full-scale 3:00 pm matinee show at St. Matthew Lutheran Church that same day. No Admission for either. A hat will be passed for donations to Sola Gratia Farm. All ages welcome! More information: (217) 367-1189. Here’s a peek back at David Olney sharing the good word on Palm Sunday 2015


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